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We can: 

  1. Maximise your farm’s profitability and sustainability

  2. Compile an accurate grounded Statement of Position

  3. Research and evaluate new farming activity proposals

  4. Design strategies to launch alternative enterprises

  5. Put together a grounded long-term business plan

  6. Research - and apply for - government grants

  7. Deliver on-going agronomic advice and guidance

  8. Harmonise your farm business goals with your life goals

  9. Generate accurate long-term cash-flow projections

  10. Provide training for creating farm spreadsheet tools

  11. Identify risks, threats, and opportunities

  12. Negotiate better bank-loan and creditor terms

  13. Optimise your gain from a property purchase, lease, or sale 

  14. Facilitate wisdom-based life-planning and work-life balance

  15. Conduct individual and family philosophical counselling

  16. Design and implement a prudent and viable succession plan

  17. Undertake research and projects on your behalf

  18. Introduce you to other farmers for collaborative farming

  19. Mediate/negotiate your personal and business disputes  

  20. Assist you to lobby authorities and political representatives

Free Farm Visit
We offer a free initial no-obligation 90-minute farm visit.*
Performance-linked Fees
We charge a fee only when we have actually created the anticipated
agreed value for you.*
Affordable Fees
We will expect payment of our invoice only when your farm
business is in a position to do so.*
*Eligibility conditions apply